A Pedra Bela

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A Pedra Bela

At an altitude of 829 meters, Pedra Bela is the most beautiful lookout point in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. The whole of the Caniçada reservoir can be seen from there, as well as the mountains rising along the Portela do Homem pass.


The Albergaria Forest

Along the trail from the Albergaria Forest to the Pedra Bela lookout point, an incredible variety of fauna can be observed, namely, centuries-old oak trees, Scots pines, beech and birch trees, Scots pines, beech and birch trees.


Considered by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, the PGNP boasts one of the richest faunas in Portugal. River trout, otters, golden eagles, red squirrels, roe deer, wolves and Garrano horses are just some examples of the animal species that live in the protected area.

The Pedra Bela picnic area welcomes family picnics.

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